Make Your Construction Projects More Efficient

Project Management SoftwareProfessionals in the construction industry, such as civil estimators, obtain tenders. They calculate such tenders, material costs and the overheads. These responsibilities often demand a high level of concentration.

Without a proper civil estimating software, the tasks might not produce the desired result. A civil estimator utilises estimating software to calculate the bid price in a particular project, which eventually becomes part of the construction contract. Other than estimating the bid price, engineers and architects can use this estimating software to prepare cost estimates for other reasons.

Solution offered by estimating software

Pronamics says estimating software can offer more efficiency. They have features that make them versatile and flexible to suit various civil construction projects. For instance, the software can deal with changes in individual schedule or site conditions with accuracy, consistency and efficiency. They are effective for different types of project estimates at all stages, from small projects to larger civil project estimates. Other solutions offered by estimating software are:

  • Productivity. Starting from scratch for every project can lower productivity. But with estimating software, the user-friendly features improve productivity as well as efficiency.
  • Centralisation and regionalisation. Different projects will have varying prices depending on the region. The regionalisation feature has become crucial for civil contractors with global projects. It helps them determine the rates for different regions.
  • Quick analysis and reporting. For financial viability, estimation is essential. Having an efficient project management reporting is fundamental. With an estimation software, reporting is easier and gives the management greater control.
  • Security and accountability. The software is permission based, with log-on features. This offers civil contractors more security and accountability. Estimators can also get permission depending on their roles.

Overcome challenges in your construction project. Maintain accuracy, efficiency and consistency.