Make Your Content Mobile-ready With These Pointers

Mobile ContentAs a brand owner, you know the effects of the mobile takeover to your content. The fact that it will become available to a wider range of screen sizes and audience is one thing. But, that you’ll need to adjust your website to fit into them is another. How can you get your content ready for mobile consumption?

Leading SEO experts agree that while there’s a need to focus on web design, written content still takes front and center when it comes to creating a mobile-ready site. To get you started, here are a few pointers you need to know.

Short And Sweet is Mobile Ready

Most mobile screen sizes fall around 7 inches by 5 inches, so imagine how browsing will be like if you cram full blocks of text in your website. Long texts deter visitors from reading because they look time-consuming and boring.

Make your content easy-to-scan by dividing your paragraphs into bullet points or using sub-headings. By doing this, readers can tell what they’re about with one look and actually decide to go over them.

Catchy Titles Don’t Bore Readers

You only have fifteen seconds to engage your audience, so make it count. A boring title can put that time to waste, as it doesn’t warrant a click, much less a read, from the visitor. Keep your titles creative, intriguing, and snappy by using witty phrases, simple words, and straightforward ideas. Also, remember to keep things short and sweet, as you would your body text.

Responsiveness is Diversity…

A responsive design fits your site into different mobile devices, without making the interface suffer. The text is still visible, and you can zoom in or out for easier reading. The layout of a responsive site is designed to adapt to smaller screen sizes, and readability is its most important element.

It’s what makes your site accessible and usable, regardless of the device. Thus, going for a responsive site is a smart move.

But It Isn’t Enough

Readable layout doesn’t always translate into readable content. Keeping your blocks of paragraphs ruins your responsive layout because it bombards the space with words. Cut your texts, and just get the meat. That’s what your mobile site needs.

You can be ready for the mobile turnover by making a few adjustments to your content. Mobile is here to stay, and so is your website. Make that your goal, at least.