Make Your Website More Responsive Rather Than Mobile-Friendly

Youtube displayed in the monitor of macbook

With more web users accessing the Internet through mobile devices, you may be hard-pressed to make your website mobile-friendly. Reaching out to mobile web users, however, will take more than a mobile-friendly web design for your Provo business. When visiting a website yourself, do you want a website that can easily be opened on mobile devices, but contains glitches when opened on high-resolution screens?

Friendly to Mobiles Only

Mobile-friendliness simply means website optimization for mobile devices, but not necessarily including laptops, desktops, or TV screens. This lack of responsiveness can cost you greatly because it limits your reach online. Instead of mobile-friendliness, you will want a Responsive Web Design (RWD) to go along with it.

Friendly to All Platforms

An RWD makes sure that User Experience (UX) remains high across different electronic platforms. In other words, your website adapts to the needs of web users and the specifications of the electronic devices they are using to access your website. Your website can then be opened on a mobile device as easily on a large desktop screen.

Develop Your RWD

With that said, you might face difficulties and a long development period to create an RWD for your website. You can ask the help of a marketing agency to make the development easier, as long as you have the resources. You can then begin conducting traffic analysis to understand which platforms do visitors to your website use.

Once you have your research, you can move on to visual testing, performance testing, and several other tests. In time, your website will become more responsive all around. You can subsequently expect increased traffic, lower website maintenance, and better SEO optimization. An RWD can bring several benefits, which may be exactly what you need to boost marketing.

You can start RWD development now, and you may finish in time for the new year, although even if you do miss the new year, you will still get an RWD early in 2018. You can then start the new year fresh with a new website that can respond quickly to web users’ needs.