Most Common Problems with an AC Unit

Owner checking his AC

Having an air conditioning unit in your home can be a huge lifesaver, especially during the summer when the heat is at its peak. However, your AC unit can wear out, which can lead to a few air conditioning repair sessions in Draper, UT over time. So before things get worse, here are a few of the most common problems that people encounter with their AC unit and what you can do to repair it.

Refrigerant Leaks

Most homeowners encounter refrigerant leaks at some point. Although your air conditioner might just be low on refrigerant, simply adding more might not resolve the problem. You might want to consider hiring a professional technician to look into the problem, test the repair, and then add the right amount of refrigerant to your unit.

Dirty Air Filter

Dust and dirt tend to accumulate in the AC over time. A clogged filter will restrain the airflow that goes through the unit, thus reducing its efficiency and ability to release cool air. So, try to clean the filter at least once a month, especially when you regularly use the unit or if you have a pet.

Sensor Issues

Most room air conditioning units now have a thermostat sensor in their system. If the sensor is either misplaced or moved out of its original position, then the unit might have problems with getting the right temperature for the room or could even cycle constantly. You should check if the thermostat sensor is right near the coil but is not touching it. If you that it’s somehow misplaced, then carefully bend the wire and adjust its position.

An air conditioner is turning into a necessity these days that it’s essential to know how to properly maintain it so that it can last for several years. You may always consider getting a technician to check on your AC unit from time to time to ensure that it’s always in its best condition.