Multitask: Fitting Studies into a Single Parent’s Busy Schedule

Single Mom With ChildParents work hard to achieve a more fulfilling and higher-paying job. For the sake of their children's future, there are opportunities where they can further widen their knowledge. Being a single parent, however, sometimes offers limited time since they take the responsibilities of both the mother and father. If you're one of them, here are some ways you can make parenting and studying work together:

Go Online – One of the most favourable opportunities single parents can take are training and assessment courses online. You can cut down on travel time and have your classes at home while watching the kids. Make sure that you give yourself a deadline for completing the course, though. That way you are assured that you finish what you started.

Choose Your Course Wisely – Look for an institution that offers higher and more extensive courses, such as Cert IV training and assessment, as you go along. RAM Training Services noted that this could reduce the time spent on transferring and getting used to the staff and location, as you can stay in your selected training service. Choose a training group that can adjust training and assessment according to your schedules and lessons, and a course that is useful for your career path.

Ask For Help – If your chosen course demands you to travel and set a specific day and time for your classes, ask a relative, friend or hire a babysitter to stay with your children. They should be reliable, trustworthy and readily available. Make sure you have other options, like day care centres, so you cover all possible circumstances that can get in the way of your classes.

Of course, it is a given to manage your time and money wisely, commit to a schedule and discipline yourself to finish the course. With all these valuable pointers, you can set yourself to have a better chance for a promotion or be given better options at work.