NMMA: Boat Sales in Texas to Spur Need for More Docks, Piers

Boats Docked at Pier

Texas boat owners who need piers in Rockport or docks in Houston may be more in-demand this year, as the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) expects boat sales to continue increasing in the near future.

Hurricane Harvey’s impact in the past year served as one reason for more boat sales in the state, which was the second highest in the country. Kinsel Docks said that owners had to find replacements for boats that incurred damage or destroyed by the storm.

10-Year High

Americans who purchased 262,000 units of watercraft nationwide in the previous year contributed to the $39 billion spending within the industry, according to the NMMA. The other share of expenses went to products, services, and other ancillary costs.

The NMMA also said that the sales figure represented the biggest increase since 2007. As a new boating season began recently, dealers should expect to see more people who want to buy a new boat.

Second-hand watercraft could also be in-demand, which lets buyers spend their saved money on custom docks or boat decks. However, be careful when planning to buy a used boat since it could be damaged by the recent storms.

Other States

Boat owners in Florida also experienced losses due to Hurricane Irma in the past year, which led to almost $3 billion in sales. In Michigan, sales amounted to $982 million, while North Carolina and Minnesota’ sales cost $838 million and $637 million, respectively.

Boat manufacturers in the top five states have now expanded production capacity to meet the growing demand. Another reason to do so involves higher consumer spending due to the strong economy, according to NMMA president Thom Dammrich.

A new boat requires a safer place as hurricane season just began in the U.S. You should start looking for professional builders and ask about the right kind of dock or pier for your boat, just in case another storm hits your neighborhood this year.