Note-Worthy Types of Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration

Water Filtration market in Salt Lake CityClean and portable water is a basic right, one that many people consider a luxury. Recently, PepsiCo admitted that their bottled water is essentially just tap water. Rather than spend a lot of money on plastic bottled water, why not spend on a water filter and have clean drinkable water at hand always.

There are some basic varieties in the water filtration market in Salt Lake City and also many different sizes available including simple portable ones. Here are some examples and explanations of how they work:

Activated carbon filters: This is a basic type of filter which is useful for removing much of the larger particles and sediments from the water you use. It works to attract and absorb the particles and the end result in activated carbon filters is odour free and tasty clean water.

Reverse osmosis: This is another type of technique used commonly in the kinds of water filters available in the market. It is a type of technique which removes all the harmful components in the water, which can cause diseases or make you ill and gives you clean, odour free and fresh water.

Alkaline filters or water ionizers: this is a type of filter functioning with a method of filtration known as osmosis. When water is passed over electrically charged plates, it gets separated into an alkaline stream and acidic stream, wherein you ultimately end up with soft water which has a pH level very good for the skin to bathe with.

UV filters: This is one of the emerging technologies in the market of water filters. It works in a very simple manner providing environmentally friendly means to treat water, using ultraviolet radiation which will rid the various bacteria that can damage one’s health.

Infrared filters:  This is also a new technology in the market of water filters and uses infra-red radiation to treat the water and rid it of toxins, bacteria and other harmful substances. This filter requires no additional heat and is a chemical free method of treating water.

Knowing these types of filtration systems and how they work, you’ll be able to choose one that suits you best.