On the Job (Hunt): 3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Career Search

Job interview

Whether it is a long-term position or a short-term role, looking for and applying to job vacancies remains essentially the same. If you are interested in making yourself open to the job market in New Zealand, here are a few tips on landing the perfect job.

Do your research

Job hunting means having a goal in mind; a better practice would be to know already the kind of industry that you will be applying to instead of casting a fishing net that is too broad. The University of Auckland advised that job seekers be proactive in researching the industries and companies that they would want to work in.

Do some preliminary research on these companies and even their competitors to get the industry’s big picture. This serves the dual purpose of giving you an idea of the big players in the industry and arming you with the knowledge of a particular company when you apply.

Consider your online presence

In this digital age, it is almost a prerequisite to building your online portfolio and presence. Nowadays, it is the equivalent of a paper CV and one that recruiters may use when contacting you for job vacancies here in Auckland.

Building an online presence also means doing online networking. The job market is very fluid, and with online postings and the expansion of the market beyond country borders, it pays to cover all your bases.

Connect with a recruitment agency

One good bet for finding job vacancies in Auckland is to connect with recruitment agencies. While most of these require registration with their site before being able to apply for any listing, it is good practice to be registered to these agencies.

Recruitment agencies will even take the extra mile and contact you personally if any job vacancies suit your skills and interests.

Job searching is a long process, especially for first-timers and young professionals. Accomplishing the first step of making your presence known and felt in the market is as good as one foot in the door of your dream job.