Only Careful and Skilful Replanting Ensures Tree Survival

Replanting Tree

Replanting Tree10Do you have a home addition project that requires plants in the area to be moved elsewhere? Are you moving out of Perth and planning to bring a favourite tree with you to the new address? Has the tree on your lawn outgrown the current space and needs a bigger area to thrive?

Not That Simple

It is possible to transplant entire shrubs and trees. However, without the right knowledge and skill, some transplants fail to thrive because of improper installation or faulty removal. The process of replanting may seem simple. But, there is a high probability of the organism dying.

Therefore, the task is best assigned to any of the Perth tree services, like, specialising in removal of mature trees and shrubs.

Factors Influencing Survival

Planting a tree is quite simple. Once anchored to the earth, seeds and saplings establish themselves quite well for as long as they receive adequate water and sunshine. However, transplanting is a different matter, and the chances of survival depend on various factors.

First, the root system of a tree that is at least three years old is already beyond its dripline, which means that the roots may branch out towards an area as much as three times the height of the tree itself. When trees are removed haphazardly, a huge percentage of the root system is cut off, which can have dire consequences. The tree’s support system is markedly reduced, and problems concerning stability and nutrition arise after transplant.

Second, the new environment must be agreeable to the species. No matter the size, every transplanted tree experiences stress during a removal. If the new location does not have optimal water, sunshine, humidity, temperature, and if the soil does not provide the necessary nutrients, then the likelihood of survival is low.

To give a tree that chance to rebuild its root system in the new location, entrust the removal of Perth tree services with the right kind of credentials. In this way, the transplanted organism will keep growing and bearing fruit.

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