Preventing Damage to Your Foundation by Addressing Unwanted Water

Water pipe in the foundation

One of the biggest nightmares you could face as a homeowner is foundation problems. After all, foundation distress brings numerous structural issues that aren’t only expensive, but can also give rise to health and safety hazards. A perfect example of both is a wet basement.

Whether a basement is finished or unfinished, it’s necessary to prevent water from gaining access and wreaking havoc on it. This is one of the primary reasons smart homeowners in Sydney invest in quality waterproofing concrete supplies, and why you should too as soon as possible.

The link between foundation and water damage

When there’s an excessive or inadequate amount of water in the soil, it could swell or shrink and lead to foundation movement. Failure to address this could lead to costly foundation damages, one of which is elevated indoor moisture levels. When it’s too damp, water starts to pool and result in staining, an increased possibility of mould growth, and even more structural problems due to water-induced decaying or rotting.

Foundation concerns can also occur the other way around due to water pooling near your home’s exterior concrete. In this situation, you can expect the same consequences.

Preventing unwanted water sources from getting in

Prevention is always better, so it’s best to have your home waterproofed before any damage develops. However, even if you already see signs of foundation problems, it’s not too late to invest in waterproofing. You must carry out the project as soon as possible, though, to stop the progression and mitigate further damage.

Proper maintenance is the key to preventing foundation damage, and this means looking out for other possible sources of unwanted water. Make sure to take a closer look at your gutters, downspouts, irrigation systems, and indoor plumbing and address any issue with them right away.