Protect Your Property and Save Precious Lives with a Fire-Rated Door

Fire-Rated DoorBuilders install fire doors in order to compartmentalize an area and prevent the spread of fire to other parts of a building. These doors also keep the flow of traffic open during an emergency. Many doors of this kind have a push bar that makes unlocking it quick and easy. They come with a fire rating written on the label. You cannot miss the rating, and they tell you about the kind of protection a specific product offers.

The making of a special kind of door

Heavy materials come into play in the construction of this special door. The solid core is usually made from solid timber. If not, manufacturers make use of chipboard or particleboard. The construction method varies with the manufacturer. There is no standard design or style. What sets them apart then? They are thicker than standard doors by 10 millimeters. In commercial establishments, doors of this type are 20 millimeters thicker than standard entryways.

The most important parameter is that the finished product should fulfill fire-rating requirements. Testing is the mandate of centers licensed to certify products. Every product must undergo certification so that home and business owners have the guarantee that they are amply protected.

Relevant regulations

Specific regulations are associated with the installation of a fire door. For instance, the exit must have a space of two meters in circumference that is obstruction-free at all times. Compliance measures include proper signage as well.

A door that allows a quick exit in case of fire goes to areas that have a high likelihood of catching fire. A room with a fireplace, the kitchen, and the storage areas containing flammable items are some of the usual locations for a fire rated steel door. These days, fire doors are required in certain types of residential buildings to comply with current building codes.

A certified fire door prevents the spread of a conflagration when it is closed. When the door is open, it allows people to escape. A door that protects property and saves live may be what you need in your building at this time.