Recommended Diet and Mealtime Habits for People with Diabetes

fruits, veggies, a glass of juice, and a tape measure. Woman in background

One of the precautions people take to avoid diabetes is eating healthy food. A nutritious, low-sugar diet helps lower the risk of diabetes, and consequently, heart disease. For some patients, though, sugar intake is not what caused their illness.

Some people developed diabetes because of genetics and inactivity, to name a few. People diagnosed with the disease should be more cautious when it comes to their meal plans and habits.

Consider Going Vegan

There are many negative notions surrounding veganism. Some people don’t go vegan because the diet may require more time to prepare and it may be more expensive than a regular diet. To help lessen the cost, people can grow the vegetables in their backyard or greenhouse. Growing Spaces suggests investing in a prefabricated greenhouse kit, which takes less effort than building a greenhouse from scrap.

Some people are also worried about not receiving the right amount of other essential nutrients, like protein, if they switch to a vegan diet. Long-time vegans, though, get their protein needs from tofu, which is also gluten-free. People with diabetes are encouraged to refrain from gluten.

Going vegan is beneficial, especially to patients with type 2 diabetes because it significantly reduces their sugar intake and fats from meat.

Practice Proper Eating Habits

Before breakfast, patients with diabetes should check their blood sugar, so they can adjust their meal plans correspondingly. After lunch, patients are advised to take a short walk to help with digestion. At dinnertime, the meal should be controlled as well.

The daily meals of people with diabetes should be planned via plate method or carbohydrate counting. Plate method measures the portion sizes of each food group in a meal. On the other hand, carbohydrate counting controls the intake of high-carbohydrate food. Regular and consistent meal time also prevents the fluctuation of blood sugar.

A healthy eating habit is crucial for people with diabetes. If uncertain about the best diet for themselves, patients can consult a registered dietitian. However, a healthy diet alone cannot do much for a patient with diabetes. Lifestyle modification is also recommended, to prevent complications.