Road Trip Starter Kit: Sort Out before you Set Out!

Road Trip

Road TripRoad trips are a great escape from the bustle of everyday life. It is a popular activity, especially for friends looking to go out and enjoy the world. Australia, in all its outdoor glory, is brimming with exciting destinations to explore.

Now, though road trips are a way to escape the usual routine and should be spontaneous, there should still be the matter of planning it. You cannot just grab a car and have a go at it. So for starters, here are a few tips to help you turn your road trip plans into a reality.

Set the Budget

Planning a road trip is a logistical challenge. Factoring in everything from car rental (if you are going to hire one), gasoline, food, lodging and other expenses, you need a sizeable budget, not only a large one, but organised, as well. Assuming that you will be going with your friends, it is important to know how much each of your buddies can shell out. Agree on a specific figure, and who will shoulder what. It is a step to knowing that you can actually do this.

Planning and Logistics

A planned road trip typically has a route in mind. That taken into account, plan your destination and routes well. There are many tried and tested routes, so you may want to take a look at them.

Know how many days you will be spending in each stopover, to your end destination. This is especially important for people who have day jobs, so you can budget your days off as well and fit into the time frame. Know how much food you will bring and need, so you do not go hungry along the road.

Lastly, the lodging. When you plan the route, do your homework on what you will be doing there, also where to stay. If you can, make reservations before. Booking lodging ahead of time can be cheaper than walking into the inn on the fly.


It would not be a road trip without the wheels right? That said, make sure you have your ride up and running ahead of time, to avoid mechanical troubles on the road. When making a trip along the Coral Coast and want to start from say, Perth, then it is a good idea to check your car in for last minute auto repairs, tune-ups and fittings at the local machine shop to make sure everything is working fine.

Your ride will be your best friend during the trip, so ensuring it is working at peak performance is a priority, says Nova Smash Repairs. You may even have to purchase special parts for your car, as road trips require more demanding and high-performance parts. Take note of these shops as you could have them repair your vehicle after the trip is over.

A road trip is no small feat to accomplish, so do the due planning. Remember to sort out before you set out.

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