Safety First is a Must in Rodeo

Rodeo SafetyRodeo is a sport that includes bull riding, steer wrestling, and bucking bronco rides and is considered as one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Out of 100, 000 participants, 20 of them is expected to experience a disastrous injury. Of all the events in a rodeo, bull riding is considered the most dangerous because a rider can be injured in the chest or back.

The majority of injuries also came from “rough stock events” that includes a bull, a junior bull, a steer, a saddle bronc, or bareback riding. Although there are clinics within the stadium for human care, safety is still one of the biggest concerns.

What are the Possible Injuries?

Bruises and strains are some of the common problems in participants because of the physical activity they are doing with an animal. Fractures are also an issue because some participants tend to fall off from the bull in a wrong position or some tend to face off a bull. In addition to this, a bull rider named Sean Willingham has acquired about 12 significant injuries in his career. Some of these injuries are skull fracture, right and left clavicle fracture, rib fractures, left wrist fractures, left and right knee torn meniscus, and a left ankle fracture.

What to Do?

Doctors recommend using protective gears for the bull riders. What’s good is that most people are already starting to use these gears such as helmets, flak jackets, and rodeo protective vests. For those with previous injuries, doctors usually prevent further damage by taping their limbs and also other parts that have suffered injuries before.

With these concerns, remember that for your next rodeo activity, don’t forget to bring your helmet and your rodeo protective vest to ensure your safety while enjoying the thrill that activity can give you.