Short and Sweet: Making Your Trip to Bath Memorable

City of Bath

Bath is a top holiday destination, with its vast offerings of historical attractions. In fact, taking a short break in Bath would be enough for you to both see extraordinary sights and pamper yourself.

Here are some things to squeeze into your itinerary when you come over for a short holiday in this World Heritage Site:

Take a guided tour

Walking tours are available for free. Your guide will show you the impressive architectural and historic structures that remain in the area. The sights will surely make you feel like you are reliving an old age.

Step back in time with Jane Austen

Bath is so beautiful that the world-renowned writer Jane Austen moved into town and set a couple of her books in the area. A museum stands to show you Austen’s home and inspirations.

Explore the outdoors

Bath’s parks, particularly Victoria Park and Alexandra Park are great places to have a relaxing stroll, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the area. These parks are great places to have a picnic and let the kids play at the adventure playground.

Have a taste of the Great Bath

Back in 70 AD, the Romans created the grand bathing complex over the natural hot springs in the area, and the spa remains intact until now. Take a tour through the ruins with an audio guide and experience the best of Bath.

Delight on a lazy day in your period hotel with modernistic facilities

Due to the constant growth in tourism, hotels in Bath have been refurbished and dressed up to meet the modern day demands of travellers. There are also lots of awesome restaurants and relaxing spas that will undoubtedly enrich your holiday, and they are all within a short walk away.

Do you have a weekend or a few days off? Pack your bags and head to Bath for an enriching and relaxing holiday.