Signs You Have to Replace Your Lawyer

Lawyer with his clients

Trust is an important value in any relationship. This is doubly true for legal relationships, such as between you and your family attorney. If you’re having doubts about your current lawyer, check out these warning signs to know if you need to replace your lawyer.

A Lack of Professional Respect

In the world of litigation and legal battles, a lawyer’s reputation is just as important as his or her knowledge of the law. While it’s not always a sign of good lawyering for your representative to be popular and well liked, it is still much better than someone who is reviled or mocked by their peers. Consider replacing your lawyer if, after some time, bad reviews and complaints come to light.

Unscrupulous Behavior

It’s possible that someone’s reputation can simply be bad and that others’ opinion won’t damage their actual performance at court or your professional relationship. Nevertheless, check your current lawyer’s methods. Does he or she usually choose less dignified methods of dealing with problems? A major sign of bad behavior is character assassination. If your lawyer is willing to humiliate your opponent and use underhanded tactics in the process, he or she might do this to you, too.

Financial Indiscretion

Another clear sign it’s time to replace your lawyer is his or her relationship with your money. This is particularly obvious with their billing. If your legal advisor starts to act like he or she is only doing it for your fees, consider other more trustworthy family law attorneys available in Santa Fe. According to Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer, the biggest responsibilities of a legal advisor are your legal protection and your peace of mind. If he or she fails by being too greedy, he or she won’t get far with protecting your safety.

These warning signs may be blatant to you or incredibly subtle. If you feel like you must be honest with your advisor, don’t hesitate to talk it out. His or her honesty, sincerity, and reaction to your doubts should help you decide what to do next.