Termite Infestation Signs to Watch Out For


Termites are silent killers. They invade your homes without you knowing. And by the time you discover them, it is almost always too late. Preventing termites from invading your home can be tricky. The key to keeping them under control is to be as observant as possible.

Before seeking help from termite control services in Boca Raton, Florida, here are some infestation signs worth watching out for.

Mud tunnels

Termites are like vampires, they do not like light and the sun. Thus, they move around in dark places and make their own tunnels in order to get from one place to another. The presence of mud tunnels usually found in walls and nooks are a common sign that you have them in your home.

Discarded wings

During mating season, swarmers, or reproductive termites move from one place to another (usually your home) to start a colony. These discarded wings are one of the most visible and common signs that you have them in your home.

Hollow wood

Termites feed on wood and if a part of your wooden furniture feels and sounds hollow, then it is almost always because termites have started digging on the inside. If you suspect a part of your home is infested with termites, knocking parts of it to check the sound can be done.

Bubbling paint

Bubbling paint means moisture build up. It could mean that your waterproofing is faulty and that moisture is starting to build, or you have termites living underneath it.


Termites leave little droppings known as frass as they eat the infested wood. Seeing frass at one part of the wood usually means that is where the termites entered or exited.

Termites can be hard to detect because of its small size, but being an observant homeowner can help change it and prevent further damage to your property.