Termites: Huge Safety and Security Risks to You and Your Home

Close up of a group of termites

Among all the investments you could ever make, your home is most likely the largest and priciest. As such, you should come up with a good maintenance plan and stick to it.

One of the strategies you need to include on your must-do list is protecting your home from termite infestations. If you noticed these pests in and around your home, Greenside Pest Control recommends contacting a Salt Lake City termite exterminator as soon as possible.

Compromised structure

A termite’s diet revolves around anything that provides them with cellulose, which wood and plant matter contains. While they feed mostly on wood, they also nourish themselves through many other materials, including drywall, paper, and plastic.

Seeing as your home’s structure consists of many of these materials, their presence alone can already attract termites. Once they start eating away at these components, they won’t stop until they no longer have anything to consume. Let them keep feeding, and they will soon compromise your home’s structural integrity.

Compromised safety and security

All those areas that termites have feasted-upon can put anyone at risk. Seeing that they compromised your home’s structural integrity, it can give away or collapse anytime. Portions of the ceilings, walls, and floors can fall and hit someone in your family or your household, resulting in injuries. This is particularly true for the high-traffic areas in your home.

Keeping your home termite-free

With the possibility of these dangers and accidents in mind, you should stop believing that termites won’t make their way into your house. One of the biggest steps to keep them at bay is to fix moisture problems, which largely contribute to attracting these winged pests, as well as eliminating potential food sources.

Don’t let termites live in your house; do the aforementioned preventive steps. In case you spot them in any part of your home, don’t postpone a call to a professional termite exterminator.