The Dangers of Negative SEO and How You Can Fight It

Negative SEONegative SEO can affect one’s brand online presence tremendously. Even if you are backed up with the best white hat strategies, you could lose a large percent of your site’s ranking without you knowing. Needless to say, this is the least you would want to happen because it takes some time to get back all the lost progress. When it is too late, your last chance is to get the best SEO services you can find.

Sadly, some of your competitors won’t give a fair fight. Here’s why you should hire SEO services in Twin Cities or anywhere in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area to counter negative SEO. First off, try to understand what it is.

Negative SEO Explained

Google doesn’t tolerate any type of black hat strategy and penalizes sites that do not follow its rules. Unfortunately, as much as you would want to use only white hat SEO and obey Google’s rules, your competitors could be the one using black hat strategies to pull you down.

Negative SEO is the result when a competitor tries to use different forms of black hat strategies to bring down a site’s ranking in the end. Hacking your website, automating spammy links to your site, and duplicating content from your site are some common forms of negative SEO.

Protecting Your Site Against Negative SEO

Do not wait until you are the next victim. Here are some things you can do to avoid negative SEO.

  • Keep an eye on your best backlinks by using Monitor Backlinks. Use only an email address that also displays your domain name when contacting site owners of your best backlinks if ever there are changes to be made.
  • Allow Google Webmasters Tools to send alerts through email when changes or problems like server connectivity issues or malware attacks occur.
  • Check for duplicate or copied content using plagiarism detection software like CopyScape.
  • Beware of fake social media accounts that copy your brand profile. Fake profiles may be reported as spam. Additionally, you may use to send you alerts whenever someone mentions your brand on social media.

Negative SEO can be your brand’s worst nightmare. If you become a victim, it could take you months before you can recover fully. However, there are some measures you can do to avoid this from happening. After all, it is one of your main responsibilities to protect your site and online presence against all threats.