The Impact of LED Lighting in Schools

School in Tampa

School in TampaLED lighting has been around for quite some time, but many people are still not making that needed switch. This article shares some of the benefits LED lighting can give schools — from students to teachers, parents and administration.

Improved Concentration. Light definitely affects mood and this fact can be used in the classroom to help students learn better. In a 2016 study, researchers found that students scored higher in tests and were more alert inside a classroom with a bluish white, “cool” lighting.

Better Relaxation. Case in point: lounges often have dimmed lights to promote better relaxation. The same can be said for classrooms. Teachers can adjust the classroom light to a warmer white light to help the students relax more during reading time or recess. When you are more relaxed, the better you can soak up new information. If you’re thinking of switching to LED, contact a commercial lighting company like AMPRO today to reap the benefits of this technological advancement.

Good For The Environment. LED lighting does not contain any mercury or lead, which makes them safe for the consumers and the environment. Every single part is also recycled, which means reduced waste for the schools.

High Energy Savings. Compared to normal lighting, LED lights can save up to 70 percent in energy savings. This means the schools can save a lot on their operating costs.

High Durability. School budget is always been cut, which make it harder for the administration to fix things. LED lights are highly durable, which mean they last longer than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. This helps the school keep their expenses at a minimum in the long run and use the other money for extracurricular activities that will greatly benefit the students.

Improves Learning. Students often struggle to stay awake in class. With LED lights, both students and teacher can make use of the great benefits from the new lighting. Not only does LED lights improves concentration, it also improves learning.

Switch to LED Today

Changing traditional lights to LED appear to be a huge expense for the schools. In the long run, however, they can actually save on costs and maintenance. It is a huge undertaking, but when done properly, it has more benefits than just energy savings.