The Latest Plumbing Innovations for Water Conservation

Water is probably the world’s most essential resource. The majority of water users are industries and households. Over 20 trillion gallons of water intended for use in homes is, however wasted every month worldwide.

There are plumbing innovations which can significantly assist you in water conservation in your household. For instance, there are professional plumbers in Nelson such as Tim Miller Plumbing who could help assess your situation and install these devices. It is worthy to note, however, that poorly installed devices will waste your water, hence defeating the purpose of the device.

Here are some of the latest plumbing innovations you can choose.

Greywater Recycling Fixtures

Water from your bathroom and kitchen sinks, washing machine and dishwasher, is categorised as greywater. There are two main plumbing innovations for greywater recycling. Diversionary devices consisting of valves, pumps, hoses, and filters direct your building’s greywater to your toilet and garden without treating it. Treatment systems collect and disinfect your greywater to various levels. The water can then be reused in your bathrooms, garden and washing machine.

Pressure Reducing Valves

Most residential and commercial buildings only require water pressures of approximately 35psi. Most buildings, however, have water pressures of over 70psi. Pressure reducing valves installed into your main water valve reduce your water pressure to appropriate levels. This saves you about 50% of water wasted by unnecessary pressure and also protects your pipes.

Dual Flush Water Closets

Water closets consume about 18gallons of water per person per day. Dual flush water closets are increasingly gaining popularity as the ideal option for water conservation. The user chooses between two flush modes based on the toilet’s use. Dual flush water closets use 1.6gpf for flushing feces and 0.8gpf for urine compared to 3.5gpf in conventional water closets.

Water saving faucets and performance showerheads are also ideal options for water conservation. Correctly installed and suitable plumbing fixtures will conserve over 50% of water. The right plumbing solutions leads to a significant drop in your water bill and contributes to environmental sustainability.