The Symptoms of a Sprinkler In Need of Repair

You’ve worked so hard with your landscape designer to prepare your yard, which is why you want to ensure that your sprinkler system works like a charm. Your sprinklers are in charge of taking care of your garden throughout the year. It makes sure that the grass never suffers and ends up producing brown patches. This is why it’s crucial to call home sprinkler repair experts in Utah such as as soon as you spot the symptoms.

1. Leaks Around Sprinkler Valves

A pretty clear symptom of a broken sprinkler is if its valves leak. Numerous issues can cause this, which is why it would be better for you to have a professional diagnose and repair it. Repairing a broken valve as soon as you spot it is essential in making sure that you don’t waste water in your front yard. You also need to guarantee that your sprinkler system properly functions.

2. A Valve Won’t Turn On

If any of the sprinkler valves do not turn on or off, then this is an obvious indication that you’d have to get it maintained. This symptom is what most homeowners tend to ignore. Keep in mind that malfunctioning valves can cause dead patches in your garden. Professionals recommend testing and observing the system once a week. This is the only way you can determine if it has problems before it gets worse.

3. Dead Patches in Your Garden

As mentioned above, growing dead patches can also indicate that your sprinkler system needs to undergo maintenance. Most sprinkler problems, like insufficient water pressure and misdirected valves, can lead to brown patches in a garden. As soon as you spot dead patches, contact the professionals immediately.

Being aware of the symptoms of a broken sprinkler system can help you identify issues before they start to affect how your yard looks. Just remember the above symptoms and don’t hesitate to get the help of professionals.