Three Household Items That Serve as a Home for Germs


SpongesMany people think the toilet is the filthiest thing in their homes. Experts believe otherwise; many other household items are far more notorious than a toilet. Failure to clean or disinfect these items can have a negative impact on your health.

Here are three household items that serve as a breeding ground for germs:

  1. Sponge

According to the Huffington Post, the sponge is one of the items in your home dirtier than a toilet seat. Germs and other disease-carrying microorganisms thrive in dirty sponges. Experts have found that there are around 10 million bacteria in every square inch of a sponge. If you do not replace or disinfect your sponge regularly, you are only spreading the germs around your home.

  1. Carpets

Everybody needs a carpet cleaning service in Highland once in a while. Dirty carpets attract bacteria, which, in turn, affect the overall air quality inside your home. Poor air quality may lead to health problems, such as irritation, breathing difficulty, cough, and allergies. Dirty carpets can also trigger asthma. People with compromised immune and respiratory systems are at a greater risk of these health problems.

  1. Kitchen Towels and Rags

A study by researchers from the University of Arizona revealed that 89% of kitchen towels and rags harbored coliform bacteria, while 25% carried E.coli. These bacteria can cause serious health problems. To avoid smearing these disease-causing microorganisms on your other cooking and eating utensils, launder your kitchen towels and rags after every use.

Make it a point to clean your carpets, replace your sponges, and wash your kitchen rugs. You should be diligent in keeping every area of your home clean and germ-free. Every cleaning effort can make a big difference in your home.

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