Three Smart Ways to Advertise Your Brand

Marketing concepts

There are hundreds of ways to advertise your brand. Even without moving from their seat, clients can see your brand if you know where to place your ads. You can seamlessly integrate them into the webpage your client is viewing, on the road in the form of fleet wraps, or on television commercials.

Your goal when advertising is to get your client’s attention. These three ways help with that:

Putting up a digital billboard

The holidays are not just known for vacations and mall sales. They’re also known for horrible traffic because of the people who are out there preparing for their family celebrations. As people get stuck on the road, they look around and see strategically located billboards. One of them could be yours if you ask a media buyer in Utah to find you a good spot for advertisement.

Going live

Snapchat allows users to share videos shortly after they happened; Instagram’s live stream lets you capture an unfolding scene and share them with your audience. There’s also Facebook Live, another way to broadcast an event as it happens.

Any of these social media marketing tools can be useful for your brand. Tease customers with the time you’ll go live and drop exclusive perks for those who are tuned in. For example, you can give them exclusive discounts or a limited-time offer. This generates buzz, encourages interaction, and builds your brand in the process.

Encouraging user-generated content

Clever use of resources is the best way to advertise on a budget. Especially in the beauty industry, the products you have can be the tool you and customers use to create content. Feature some of the best user-generated content you’ve seen, with the help of a hashtag everyone uses. You can even make a contest out of it to reward those who prove to be creative beyond measure.

You don’t need to have a limitless budget to advertise. Use the tools and resources at your disposal wisely.