Tips on Making Your Windows and Doors Secure Against Burglars

someone entering the security combination code

There are almost 10 million people in Michigan, and one out of 241 of these people are vulnerable to being a victim of crime. Annually, there were 228,332 crimes reported based on the 2015 data. As a citizen of Michigan, you do not want to become the next victim.

Some of these criminals are burglars who creep inside a house by breaking a window or door while the occupants are sound asleep or while they are busy working in daytime.

For this reason, it is important to consider finding a reputable window and door company in Michigan, such as Architectural Openings & Access. Moreover, you should know the important measures in keeping your house secured against invaders.

Keep Your Whole House Secured

Because of the modern technology, installation of security devices in your house is a piece of cake. Consider installing burglar’s alarm or CCTV in some areas of your home. Buying a dog is also a wise decision because it is noisy when an intruder comes in.

Secure Your Door

When you are asleep or when you are out the house. Burglars can easily get in by breaking your door lock or your door. For this reason, your door should be solid and sturdy. Sturdy doors are commonly made of steel, fiberglass, or hardwood. They do not shatter once they have been kicked or bumped.

Sliding glass doors are a no-no. However, if you still prefer it because of its aesthetic purpose, make sure that it is shatterproof and not made from low-quality glass.

Secure Your Window

If intruders see that you secured your door, your window will be their next target. As much as possible, you should not place windows on the ground level or near your door. The burglars can break them easily by hitting them with hard objects and reach to your door.

If you think that your doors and windows are not secure enough, contact a reputable window and door company in Michigan as soon as possible. They can help you with the installation of sturdy windows and doors in the secured areas of your home.