Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Consider Living in Henderson

Living in Henderson
Living in HendersonWith over 290,000 inhabitants, the state’s second largest metropolis offers a great lifestyle complete with dozens of parks, plenty of enjoyable events, and a safe atmosphere. Accessibility to Las Vegas and other neighborhood states is another plus. gives some reasons why you can consider moving to this vibrant city.

Lots of Outdoor Space

Henderson takes its outdoor profile seriously, which is evident in its many parks. It features a staggering 65 miles of world-class park trails and you can easily reach the Colorado River and Lake Mead National Recreational Area from here. Elevated mountainous terrains, canyons, and fascinating coves are conveniently accessible. Those looking for an action-packed outdoor lifestyle won’t be disappointed.

Exciting Events

Other than a pleasant climate and striking natural beauty, Henderson also boasts of an active events calendar. There are several events held round the year to help residents enjoy an active community life. The city celebrates everything from seasonal holidays and outdoor performances to a grand firework display and competitions and vibrant parades.

The Neighboring Destinations 

Vegas is in your backyard, yes. But there are so many other places such as Arizona, Lake Mead, or Southern California which are conveniently reachable by short road trips. Then there is Utah and several other destinations boasting of a mystical desert landscape. You will never be out of choice when it comes to weekend getaways from Henderson.

Nevada’s second largest metropolis offers a great standard of living, complete with world-class communities, several parks and outdoor spaces, round the year events, and easy accessibility to a host of exciting destinations. Hire the services of an expert and experienced Henderson NV real estate company to bag good deals on a variety of homes. The homes are relatively affordable and the absence of state income tax makes it a winning proposition to live here.