Tuck Sleep Foundation Ranks US Cities Based on Quality of Sleep

A woman comfortably sleeping in a bed

The city where you live determines the quality of your sleep, as a new analysis claimed that there are places in the U.S. that either improves or worsens your slumber in the bedroom.

Tuck Sleep Foundation ranked Colorado Springs in Colorado as the best city for sleep, followed by Sioux Falls in South Dakota and Boise in Idaho. The cities of Portland, Oregon, Lincoln, and Nebraska completed the top five.

Bedtime Stories

Colorado emerged on top due to factors such as a low obesity rate that covers just 20% of its population. A 2.3% jobless and its status as the cleanest city nationwide influenced a low sleep deprivation rate. In South Dakota, 72% of citizens can spend enough downtime at night on a regular basis.

An average adult requires between seven to eight hours of sleep. For most Americans, clocking in those hours seems impossible because of work and personal obligations, poor physical and emotional health.

However, there are simple ways to help you sleep better at times, such as putting thick curtains to block out the sun or using queen-size bamboo sheets you can buy from vendors such as Cozy Earth for your bed.

Analysis Findings

Tuck Sleep Foundation based its rankings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s survey in 2014. While there are cities that are conducive to sleep, some places may have earned their moniker for good reason.

New York serves as an example, “the city that never sleeps” ranked 131st out of 150 cities. The analysis cited an endless construction activity, high levels of pollution and above-average obesity as some of the factors that contribute to sleep deprivation.

Nearby tri-state cities such as Yonkers, Jersey City, and Newark also ranked at the bottom of the list.


A good night’s sleep remains an important part of our overall health. Whether or not your hometown landed on top of the analysis, there are products that you can use to improve the quality of sleep.