Understanding Casement Windows and How to Maintain Them

Wooden Casement Window

Windows not just improve the appearance of your home; they also add a natural feel by allowing sunlight to enter the room. There are different types of windows to do the job, but casement windows are among the most common.

While new and modern window designs are continuously rising, people still choose to buy casement windows for their homes for a variety of reasons. Because they are different from other windows, they require a different approach to maintenance and care. If you want to keep your casement windows in good shape, this guide is for you.

Easy Access

One of the challenges of cleaning casement windows is the access point. For windows located on the first floor, cleaning it from the outside would definitely be easier, as you have more room to manipulate and move. For those on the higher floors, you may choose to clean them from inside your home, or use a ladder (if possible) if you want to access it from the outside.

The bottom line is, clean wherever you feel comfortable and safe. Better yet, hire a professional to do the job for you.

Check for Rot

Casement windows are made of different materials. But if yours is made of wood, make sure you check for rotting points or parts regularly. Preventing rot from spreading in can help save your entire window and will allow you to enjoy all the benefits.

Check the Tracks

Debris, dust, and gunk can build up in your windows tracks. Be sure to clean them regularly and remove foreign objects, so as not to affect the window’s quality.


Lubricating the hinges of your window will not only remove that annoying squeaking sound; it will also help prolong the lifespan of the components in your casement windows.

Paint it up

Retouch on your window paint every once in a while. Broken or damaged paint can be an entry point for moisture and dirt, which can damage your windows in the long run.

Do you have a casement window or planning to install them in your home? Read up and see how long you would be able to enjoy its function and beauty. Buy only from a reputable supplier and take care of the windows to retain their quality.