Utah: Why Starting and Raising a Family Here is a Great Idea

A Family in UtahThere are dozens of great reasons that you should consider starting or raising a family in Utah, and some of these are because of the following:

Very low unemployment rate

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state ranks second to the last in terms of unemployment rate. In layman’s terms, this means it has a very impressive employment rate. Logan, one of the country’s metropolitan areas, ranks sixth in terms of having the largest number of employed individuals. Other cities in the state, including Salt Lake City, St. George, Ogden/Clearfield, as well as Provo/Orem also made it to the top 10 percent of having the most-employed.

This, concludes City Creek Mortgage, translates to having an easier time finding a source of income for your family, or for your soon-to-be family.

Great for starting a career or a business

In a WalletHub survey, the results revealed Salt Lake City as the 13th-best place for individuals to start their preferred careers in. For those who want to be an employer instead of an employee, worry not, as the same city ranks second best for places to start a small business in.

Again, this means Utah is a great place for you to start or raise a family, as you and your spouse (plus your kids) will have numerous opportunities for sources of income.

Great educational system

You need to think about your children’s (or future kids’) education, and Utah has you covered. According to Neighborhood Scout, the state has a very high ranking when it comes to educational attainment, thanks to the very impressive and organized educational system it implements.

All in all, Utah offers numerous opportunities both to its current and prospective residents. Housing options are aplenty, with mortgage rates in Utah also being some of the lowest in the country. With the state’s robust and continuously growing economy, its high employment rate, and excellent job growth outlook, now is the best time for you to consider starting and raising a family here.