Vinyl Wall Cladding: Is It Finally Going Out of Style?

wall cladding

wall claddingWall cladding is an external covering for your home’s exterior walls that acts as an envelope to your house. Choosing good wall cladding for your home was never a challenge since vinyl was highly regarded as the wall cladding to get to protect your home.

Despite this, vinyl seems to be going out of style. Although it’s easy to maintain and offers both insulation and protection from the elements, many are choosing palliside cladding as it surpasses vinyl in almost every way.

Wall Protection

Your external wall is constantly under abuse from horrible weather conditions, be it rain, hail, or intense sunlight. While vinyl is waterproof, non-reactive, and rust resistant, the biggest complaint is how easy it is for water to get into the gaps. Additionally, walls cladded with vinyl are prone to warping and buckling. It also expands and contracts when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Palliside Cladding on the other hand improves the strengths of vinyl. Its anti-capillary channels interlock with one another, ensuring no gaps and spaces. This not only prevents rain from getting in and running your wall, it resists the wind better and prevents the possibility of vermin infestation.

Easy to Maintain

Compared to vinyl, you’ll be spending less time checking your walls for damage and maintaining it with palliside. Since vinyl is more susceptible to warping and buckling, you’ll spend more time and money replacing individual weatherboards. Palliside has an additional cellular foam construction that gives it an additional layer of strength and durability. Because of this, you’ll rarely have to do maintenance on your walls.

Palliside is also relatively easy to install. Since it has a double profile, it is easy for it to fit both new and old homes unlike traditional wall coverings and vinyl cladding. It also has a guarantee 25 years guarantee, making it one of the more long-lasting solutions for exterior wall coverings.

The age of vinyl is over and palliside is proving to be the superior wall cladding option that protects your home from the country’s harsh weather conditions. If you’re planning on doing some exterior home renovation, consider switching to palliside.