Walking the Holy Land: 3 Things to Prepare For

Traveling in IsraelA decision to tour the Holy Land on a tour is one of the pilgrimages in life that many want to undertake. Between the booked tours, the plane fares, and the opportunity to get to the root of the Savior and share in his story in some way.

To make the most out of the experience, it is best to invest more than just time and money to the tours. Investing one’s self is also the first step, alongside three other things that tourists should make sure to go through.

Prepare spiritually

It will probably the most solemn tour that you can attend. Going to Israel is not a vacation, but rather a journey of the soul, Cruise Lady notes. It appears taking a trip to the Holy Land has transformative powers, and it would do well to at least anticipate it.

Prayer is a given, as it will keep you in touch with God before you even step on the Holy Land. Apart from awareness, you can also pray for your safety against injury, good weather or even good harmony with fellow tourists.

Pack the practical stuff

Most tours in the area entail a lot of walking, especially in exploring the different sites. As such, it’s best to pack sensibly when it comes to the outfit to wear.

Sensible shoes may mean sneakers, which have the right sole support to keep feet from hurting after all the walking that you will encounter. The same goes with clothes. It’s best to be prepared for the kind of weather that you will encounter. However, it is good to pack the basics, such as a good pair of jeans, comfortable shirts, and even jackets, in case the weather goes cold.

It’s also good to bring an umbrella for protection against both sun and rain. As mentioned, it helps to have a jacket on, especially since sacred sites will require tourists to remain covered as much as possible.

Money matters

American dollars are accepted in the Holy Land. This means that you no longer have to change money to the local currency, making it one less thing to worry about.

Additionally, credit cards can also be used in several shops, with others even capable of accepting personal checks. The only thing that you may want to know would be the exchange rate between the local currency and the dollar, just to keep tabs on expenses.

Preparing for a trip to the Holy Land may be one of the best experiences one can have. After all, the entire trip is not just about reaching the holy destination, but also the journey of preparation that goes with it.