Watch Your Waist and Look Forward to a Long Life

WaistlineThere is no denying that having a smaller waist can make you look a lot better. Turns out, however, it offers more than just aesthetic benefits. According to an article published in The New York Times, a slimmer waistline is associated with long life. This only means that if you’re moving to a bigger size of jeans, it is a clear indicator that you need to exercise more and eat better.

A bulging waistline, for the most part, is linked to higher risk of dying from any cause compared to those with smaller waists. Research suggests that a protruding belly has long been considered a risk factor for heart disease. According to new studies, however, it can also heighten the risk of dying from respiratory failure, cancer and other diseases.

Fat and Harmful Chemicals

The sad part about a large waist is that it contains visceral fat that produces harmful chemicals. The toxins it makes can negatively affect how your body works and make you less sensitive to insulin. The fat, furthermore, builds up around the organs, push up against the abdominal wall, and conceals how unhealthy your body really is.

Just a Small Reduction

The good news is, even a small reduction in waist size could be very helpful. You may, of course, find it difficult to reduce your waistline, but small changes can have a significant effect on health. Studies suggest that exercising more and eating better will burn up belly fat and reduce your waist size. The use of quality waist trainers can also help as it gradually conforms the body into a better shape, explains the experts from

Less than Your Height

An article from The Telegraph supports the goal towards having a smaller waist, noting that a waistline should be no longer than half your height. It is not the enough to rely on the BMI figure, as waist measurement is much more important. It suggests that a 30-year-old man standing 5ft 10in tall should have a waist measurement no more than 35 inches.

For a typical 30-year-old woman standing 5ft 4in tall, the waist should be no more than 32 inches. Expanding more than the suggested measurement could put you in the danger zone, with a higher risk of developing certain diseases.

Start living healthy and achieve a waistline that is right for you. Don’t just focus on watching your weight, as your waist is important too.