What You Need to Know About Garage Door Torsion Springs

A white garage door

The most common type of residential and commercial garage door spring in Utah is the standard torsion spring, which comes with an anchoring bracket. Some models have an offset mount instead. Price’s Guaranteed Doors and other known suppliers explain that the spring is the brains of the door. Without it, you will not enjoy the convenience of automatic doors that open and close for your vehicle.

A part of daily life

Torsion springs are noticeable when you look at the workings of the door. After all, they are difficult to ignore. Yet, if you do not bother to check on it or wonder how it works, you tend to forget. They are essential in the daily lives of American families. Among the numerous parts that make up the garage door, the torsion springs are the mechanical components that activate the door and make it work to your convenience. Some springs have a single configuration, while others have a dual configuration.

Wear and tear

As the torsion springs are the workhorse of the heaviest and biggest door in the house, they eventually wear out. The springs bear the weight of the entire system, while the entrance is open and the door itself remains suspended above. It withstands the worst of the stresses of slow lowering once you hit the “close” switch.

Constant movement results in wear and tear. If not checked properly and adjusted accordingly, the springs might break without a warning.


How long can you expect the newly installed torsion springs to work at full capacity? Springs work 365 days a year. Based on estimates, they are good for 10,000 cycles or roughly 5-7 years depending on usage. That is a good estimate if you the garage three to five times a day.

Garage doors are heavy, and they can fall and hurt somebody if the torsion springs are dysfunctional.  Most injuries related to torsion springs are due to amateur repairs. The word on the street is, leave broken torsion springs be and call a professional for help.