When Cycling Starts Affecting Your Physical Health

Common Biking Injuries

Common Biking InjuriesCycling provides your mind and body a number of benefits. It has become one of the most popular outdoor activities today. Still, many prefer other forms of recreation over biking because of fear of crashing and getting injuries. But, far from what many believe, crashing should not be an area of concern.

Yes, you get severe wounds or bone fractures when you fall off your bike. Crashing, however, is very normal; even professionals hit the pavement from time to time. Instead, you should worry more about the physical injuries of cycling. It is important that you know what these are and how to prevent them.

Neck and Back Pain

As per KeepMoving.com.sg, neck and back pain is probably the most common injury cyclists suffer from. You may experience this if you pitch forward in the saddle too much or when your ride is not set up to your size. Changing bike sizes may cost a few dollars, but the benefits you get from doing so is more valuable and really makes a difference. Moreover, the exact bike size can enhance your performance.

Muscle Fatigue

If you are serious about cycling, then expect to have bigger quads. These muscles run along the top of your legs are perhaps the one you will mostly use. Pedalling your way through hundreds of kilometres on and off the road, however, wears out your quads, causing muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up. To dissolve this acid after a long ride, you need to massage the muscles gently, but efficiently.

Muscle Tightness

Related to muscle fatigue, cyclists often experience muscle tightness. This rarely happens if you only ride to stay healthy and fit, not to compete. Tightness usually occurs in your hamstrings and calves, which do not always manifest as the muscles adapt to the pedal stroke’s rhythm. To avoid muscle tightness, make sure you stretch and warm up before riding and cool down after. Also, make it a habit to exercise daily.

You can easily avoid crashing by staying sensible while on the road. Likewise, preventing physical injuries is plausible if you how to take care of your body and stay within your limits as much as possible.