Why Enrol Your Children in a Bilingual School

Students from a Bilingual School in DubaiBeing an open city and a tax-free country, it’s no surprise that Dubai, and the greater part of the United Arab Emirates, continue to attract foreigners to find a new home on its shores. The cost of living in the country is generally low, as the government regulates the prices of goods in the country and with the dollar gaining strength.

Among foreigners, Germans, in particular, are drawn to Dubai for its nice weather and its booming business milieu. According to Time Out, 2008 data revealed that the local German community in the world-class city comprises about 10,000 individuals staying there for work purposes. Some of these individuals have moved there as a single man or woman, eventually finding their other half in the country. Most of the expats, on the other hand, migrate to the country with their family.

If you are one of those German nationals who have moved to Dubai with your kids, then you may find yourself facing the dilemma of whether to enrol them in a regular, non-English language speaking school or an international school. If you are looking into enrolling your child in German international schools, Dubai has a number of educational institutions that could cater to expats and their kids.

According to Day Translations, a parent should consider the child’s age, the school’s curriculum, and the child’s preference when entertaining the idea of enrolling the kid in a bilingual or immersion school. The younger the kid is when he or she is exposed to a new language, the better; other factors, such as the curriculum design, and the child’s willingness to study in the school, are also at play.

The Transitions Abroad website, meanwhile, advises parents to skip immersion programs if they do not plan on staying in a particular country for more than six months, and fluency in the local language in Dubai (i.e. Arabic) is not the foremost goal. If that is the case, then enrolling the kid in a bilingual school is a more sensible choice.